HoReCa Craft Solutions specialise in concept development, investment and management. Focusing on launching and operating restaurants, bars, coffee shops and nightclubs. Services we provide: Business Development & Hospitality Solutions. Our clients are international hotel chains, hospitality holdings and investors. Our goals – open profitable and customer-oriented restaurants, providing effective and efficient operations management, adapting modern technologies and trends in the hotel and restaurant industry. Our mission – We are creating innovative solutions and helping you to grow your business, while saving your time and resources. We work with passion to attract new customers, increasing the sales, encouraging guests to return with great follow-ups. Being productive is the most we are concerned about. What does it mean for us? 

We can guarantee operations cost reduction, increase revenue : -5%/+10%

 360 – Degree concept development & project management services

We Create. We Improve. We Manage!

How We Work?

Opening a restaurant or scaling a hospitality business require great ideas and a dedicated team of professionals. Many things depend on making smart decisions: evaluating a potential property, market and location study with finalizing the best matching restaurant concept according to discovered local culture and economic details are processes that will help to minimize any possible risks and can guarantee the success of a project. A right business plan and implemented an efficient operation management system will benefit a landlord when its rent is ensured and paid in a timely manner along agreed period. Restaurateur will have a better understanding in the current business situation with an access to accounting, financial forecasting and monthly overall reports. How can we guarantee our services? We are contributing a decent amount of money in new projects, therefore are motivated to make a profitable and guest-oriented venue! Our value: We commit our best in everything we do, striving for professional excellence by exceeding expectations and distinguishing ourselves through superior performance.  





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We are looking forward to discuss the possibilities of a potential collaboration. For more information on facility launching programs, development and operations management, please get in touch with us through contact form.



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Kyryll Ushakov

Founder & CEO


In 2007, it was my first shift behind a small bar where I started my long journey in learning food and beverage service operations. Before, I made a decision to create HoReCa Craft Solutions I have got over 10 years of a dedicated work experience in hospitality industry. I studied MBA and hold a master’s degree in Management. 

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Throughout my professional career, I have been working for nightclubs, cocktail bars, restaurants, coffee shops, five star hotels & resorts in Ukraine, Crimea, Dubai, Doha and Budapest. Gained practical managerial knowledge and skills in compliance with international business standards in the world’s top most successful companies that made me confident enough to start a new not easy, but exciting entrepreneur chapter in my life. I found my passion in creating, developing and launching new projects and have a clear goal from day one, working on setting an efficient system to increase profit, keep the cost down and making sure Service Quality & Customer Satisfaction are achieved, all day, every day. I will find the best talents considering a wise labor and build a strong result orientated team with a focus on marketing strategy, day-to-day operations, product quality, finance and human resources. I have no doubts that a right system is the key to make a profitable business and believe having creative and unique ideas is the first step in a new startup. We have analyzed a local market and have got investment plans to offer it you today. We guarantee our services and the quality of our programs. Our main priority is to build a long-term win-win relationship, saving your time and resources. I’m sure we can find the best business solution to meet your expectation. Contact me today, I would be glad to assist you. Thank you!


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